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      Sounds like you need a great big hug! *HUG* Wish I could help you. I would have held my doc captive until he listened to me(it’s your money he’s getting, you know?)! I have learned over the years, never make a doc appointment at lunchtime or quitting time, if possible! Can you go to a different Doc? If you want e-mail Jake or myself and we’ll try to help in some way.


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        I am so glad to find the bb is back! I have been through alot lately.
        Here it goes…

        My eye problem was simply a damn eyelash in my eye that was very far back
        and was causing swelling of my eye. I am glad I went to the optho and I
        an glad it was nothing else, but I feel stupid (oh well)

        I got blood work done and saw the doctor last Friday, hoping for good news
        on the T4 levels. I had been feeling extremely good the past month. I was
        disappointed with the visit. It was right before lunch and my endo seemed
        in a big hurry to get me out of there. He basically said the levels were
        still high and that he considered upping my Tapazole from 20 mg to 25, but
        decided to stay course and get another blood test in 5 weeks. I asked him
        if the numbers were lower than when I was just diagnosed and he kind of
        mummbled yes, but didn’t offer to show me the numbers (which he has before
        and which I like to see). SO, I was basically shuffled out of his office.

        Over the past week, I have started to feel some of my old syptoms come back.
        This started before my dr. appt, but I didn’t say anything, because I thought
        it was a fluke…for a month I had been feeling much better. Well, it has
        continued to happen and today I feel like I did before I even went to the
        doctor. I feel weak, light-headed, tense, my mind is racing and my body
        feels like it is going to jump out of my skin.

        Do you think I should call him? Do you think he will think it is all in my
        head because of the results of my bloodwork? I think it might be a good
        idea to up my meds 5mg more…I am wondering if he would if I tell him how
        I have been feeling.

        It is scary feeling like this again for the first time in 2 months. I don’t
        want to go back to that state ever again and I am scared that I am and that
        I will continue to and it will never get better……..

        My husband and I are still not getting along and this doesn’t help again.
        I have been putting off going to couseling, but I think I will try to go
        soon. I tried to get my husband to go too, but he won’t.

        SIGH…today is not a good day.


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          Thanks for the hug. *HUGS* back!

          I really like my endo. This is the first time he has not explained things
          to me, shown me the numbers, shuffled me out. So, I guess I was taken
          aback by it. I guess everyone has bad days or rushed days. I just sent
          him an e-mail (yes, he communicated very well with patients via e-mail
          which is wonderful) and told him what I posted in the message. I will
          see what his response is. Today is another day of feeling like I am not
          on meds (pre-diagnosis). sigh…my husband and I fought as I left this
          morning for work because I was running around with my head cut off trying
          to find a simple piece of paper. I am beginning to freak about minor stuff
          again, which sucks, is hard on my marriage, and scares me.


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            Maybe you could get your hubby to read this BB or better still join us on chat this evening. It may help him to see others also are dealing with this awful disease and that you and he are not alone! Sounds like hubby also needs us and the support we offer here(and maybe a little patience and understanding, as well!). We all care about you, Kristy and will be here for you whenever you need us! I am so sorry you are suffering from this. Please, join us this evening on chat! Promises to be a good time, as well as informative for those who need informed.


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