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      Two weeks ago I had my 3 month checkup on my TSH (1.07) and Free T4 (.9). I was diagnosed 2 years ago, Methimazole for one year, off Methimazole for one year now. My levels were “normal,” and my endocrinologist has suggested I now go to a 6 month test regimen.

      The problem I have is this – I am so tired all of the time now. Before Graves I was always a early bird/night owl type anyway. I rarely needed caffeine to get me through the day. The past month has been caffeine multiple times/day, sleeping 8-10 hours, and still being tired.

      I thought my levels were going to reflect more of how I felt, but they did not.

      *For reference – I feel like “me” when I am around .5-.6 (TSH) and the last time I felt this tired my TSH was 1.82.*

      Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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        Hello – Hopefully, you have a copy of your lab results so that you can check the reference range for yourself. At the lab I use, a Free T4 of .9 is almost at the very bottom of the “normal” range. I’ve been there a couple of times, and I felt awful. You might consider having T3 checked as well to see if that sheds any light.

        You might also check with your primary care provider to rule out any other issues that might be contributing to fatigue, for example, sleep apnea.

        Please be persistent – and don’t be afraid to seek out a second opinion if your current doc isn’t taking your quality of life issues seriously.

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          Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked lately? So many people are low. My latest test actually came back in the very low end of the normal range, but my endo still wants me to supplement so it will be “optimal.” Fatigue is one of the symptoms of low D. When I first asked my endo to check my D levels, that was her justification for ordering the test.

          I was diagnosed with Graves’ in 2011 and I’ve pretty much forgotten what it’s like to not be tired. I had another health issue for a year before (when I was also experiencing Graves’ symptoms) which weakened me a lot. I lost 75 lbs and gained back 95 lbs, but not in the same places. I now carry more weight in my belly, which is hard on my back. I spend way too much time lying in bed, watching TV. I know I’d feel better and stronger if I got some exercise, but knowing isn’t doing. I tend to blame myself for my condition and I’d assume full responsibility for feeling like crap if it weren’t for one thing…

          In December of 2015, I actually felt good. That was the month after my thyroidectomy and I was so happy to have that thing out of me and finally know that it was benign. Christmas was in the air, and I had too much to do to lie in bed. It was also the only time in nearly 6 years that I’ve had a normal TSH (2.39). There was a period when I went hypo on methimazole early in my diagnosis, but all the time when I was considered euthyroid on methimazole (judging by my T4 and T3), my TSH averaged around .075.

          My endo is more concerned with my TSH these days and is focused on bringing it up. I think the sudden shift has to do with my increased age. ;-) I just hope we can increase my TSH without lowering my T4 and T3 too much. :-/ In my last test, it was .098 – a whopping .007 increase from seven months previously when she lowered my levo dosage. She lowered it again in May, so I’m due for more labs soon. :-)

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