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      I just received my latest issue of Tufts’ University
      “Health and Nutrition Letter.” Its center section
      concerns what the recommended time/intervals are to
      be tested for certain diseases. For TSH tests, I
      quote “Many experts believe it is reasonable to test
      women at 35 and older, who are at higher risk of
      thyroid problems than men, about every 5 years.”
      They say this recommendation is “lacking in scientific
      studies to support screening, but evidence from clinical
      use backs recommendation.” Thought some of you
      out there might be interested in this.

      TGIF and have a stupendous weekend everybody!

      Sheila H.

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        Hi, Sheila! Since my diagnosis of Graves’ and given the extensive history
        of thyroid-related diseases in our family, my mom now has her thyroid checked
        periodically as a precaution. Not a bad idea for anyone with a genetic
        predisposition for thyroid problems or who is on the more mature end of
        life (over 35).


        P.S. That puts me just inside the mature range! :)

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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