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      Yes, have your tests done. That will have no effect on possibly pre-existing eye conditions. By the way, the decision(s) are up to YOU, with input from your doctor. It is hopefully just semantics in this case, but one of my soapboxes. Please include your e-mail address.

      Nancy Patterson

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        Hi Catherine – my endo wouldn’t even begin to treat me until I had
        the uptake test. He said even if everything pointed to Graves he
        couldn’t in good conscience treat me until he had the total picture in
        front of him. I thought that that the uptake will confirm Graves or
        anything else and therefore aid in treatment decision. Good luck. By
        the way the uptake test is painless – just time out of your day.

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          I was all set to get the thyroid uptake test today but I couldn’t because
          no one told me that I had to be off the anti thyroid meds for 7 days. Now,
          my MD feels that maybe I don’t even need the test because even if
          it is Graves, the treatment would be the same anyway, (tapazole and
          Inderal). I told him that I would like to know because of the potential
          eye problems. He is going to leave the decision up to the endo.
          Question: Should I insist on the thyroid uptake test? What about
          the biopsy? (I have a multinodular goiter).

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            I don’t see how the uptake test, in and of itself, would show Graves. I thought it showed 1)how active the thyroid is and 2)(with the scan) the size of the thyroid, both of which can help in treatment decisions. Graves itself, I thought was shown by the presense of antibody “markers” in your bloodwork. Who knows? Maybe they can get a Graves diagnosis from this. I’m a bit confused.

            Anyway, for what it’s worth, I think I would personally be more comfortable with the tests done. UNLESS there is a good reason why your doctor doesn’t want to take you off the antithyroid meds for a week. Maybe your hormone levels are too high for him to feel comfortable with this decision? I’d press for a reason from him.


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              You are right. The decision is up to me. I really want to know
              if I have Graves. I have had eye problems for the year.
              Dry eye syndrome, sensitive to light, it may be nothing but one year
              ago, my eye doctor told me that I had an odd looking optic nerve.
              My current internest said that if I had Graves eye disease, I’d have
              “bug eyes”, which I don’t.
              My only problem with the thyroid uptake test is the fact that I have
              to get off the Tapazole for 7 days. I have just gotten on track after
              severe illness for 6 weeks! I know that I’ll just have to suffer and get
              the test done because I want to know if I have Graves.
              I’m sure that the endo (I see
              him next Weds.) will probably want the test done also. Since being on
              the Inderal and Tapazole, I feel wonderful. My 15 lb weight loss is
              staying off, no tremors or palps, I feel good. So you see why I’m
              hesitant to mess with my meds and get sick again. Thanks for your
              input and please write back. Catherine

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                Hi Bobbie,

                This is what I was told – The RAI uptake test differentiates GD from other thyroid disorders by the pattern of the radioactive particles in the thyroid. If the uptake is diffuse, it is Graves. I was shown mine and the particles were dispersed throughout the gland. This test, in addition to the blood levels was absolute confirmation it was GD. I am prone to “Itises” because of the Crohn’s disease (arthritis, Iritis, etc. – inflamation of whatever) so naturally, they were assuming thyroiditis with me initially. Unfortunately it was not.


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                  Hi, Claudia. That explanation makes sense. Thanks.


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