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      Here again I have a couple of different ranges but they are obviously using different units of measurement and I didn’t write down what units.

      For my tests the T4 range was 5.0-13.0 (mine 7.4), the T3 range is 27.8-40.7 (mine 32.8)

      An earlier posting here was a T4 range of .7-2.0 and a T3 range of 2.2-7.2

      The thing I don’t understand about the TSH ranges we’re hearing is that they are not far enough off to be different units of measure, whereas the T3 and T4 obviously are obviously different.


        Post count: 93172

        The ranges my lab use are: TSH 0.30-5.50 and Free T4 0.8-1.5.

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