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      hi everyone,
      I’m new to this BB too. I’m really impressed with the activity and sincerity
      everyone has displayed through every message. I was diagnosed by guess who??
      yes, the very people who stressed my system out of whack(the Dean and the Head
      teacher of my college major);they gave me GD as well as a hard way to go once
      I was confirmed with GD.The only thing I’m appreciative of the Dean for is sending
      me to a WONDERFUL Endo, who was very caring, sensitive and compassionate to what
      I was going through, maybe because she had a similar experience while in college
      too.Although I manage to have worst case scenarios, I can say Tapazole has been a
      friend. I was started on tapazole 10mg once daily and could not stop sweating
      for anything so, my Endo. increased me to 20mg once daily, still the night sweats,
      eating frenzies,hair and nail dryness, running to the bathroom (constantly), being forgetful, sleepy,
      painful eye problems, and racing heart persisted. So, I was increased to 30 mg.
      I guess this was a resting point for me…..until one of my eyes decided to go for
      blurry,dry, double-vision drive to the Kresge Eye Institute in Detroit. So without
      insurance , all I could do was afford Dr’s. visits and bloodwork checks when I had
      the funds. I took matters into my own hands and increased my dosage to 40mg at times,
      only to need a refill Rx sooner, and sooner. Yep, I got fussed at by my Dr. and my
      Pharmacist, because there are some side effects that luckily I didn’t run into
      that could have come with increasing my dosage. Flu-like symptoms,stomach irritation,
      and vomiting. So be careful, we don’t need to be stressed out anymore than necessary.
      For night eye dryness, I use “Lacri-Lube”Eye ointment nightly at bedtime, and during
      the day “Tears Naturale Free” artificial Tears is soothing. So try it,see how you like
      them and let me know. Sorry so long winded.., just wanted to contribute.

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        I just went through reading all the messages about Tapazole in the last week
        or so and just wanted to add some comments. I was on 30mg/day for awhile,
        then 20mg/day. After being irresponsible and stopping, I was okay for several
        months. Then it came back. According to my doctor, this can continue to
        happen over the course of one’s life. I don’t like that idea. That’s why I
        decided to go for radioactive iodine, which I haven’t done yet. I just had
        the uptake test done the other day… Anyway, I read in a message that
        someone was taking 40mg/day. I don’t want to freak anyone out, but according
        to two medical books I found in a bookstore (Nurses’s companions, etc), any
        dose over 30mg/day is considered an overdose and can be very hazardous to
        your health, so if anyone is taking that much, you might want to just ask
        your doctor to make sure you’re okay…

        I’m so glad I found this site. I’ve been looking for support for this
        infuriating disease for awhile now. Thanx for all the help…


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