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      Has anyone been on Synthroid and switched to another brand? Did this make any difference in how you feel? Since I have to take .1375 mg. and Synthroid does not make this dose, she asked if I wanted to change to another brand. When I said no, she prescribed two different strengths to take on alternate days (it’s now costing me twice as much, too). My level is perfect now. But, I haven’t been feeling too good. I don’t know if it’s that or just being depressed that makes me feel so bad.

      I have a great lady endo now. I told her about my night sweats, headaches, etc. She says my levels are normal, and is going to send me to someone about hormone replacement since I’m 46 and am probably perimenopausal. She really listened to all my complaints and made suggestions. Since my sister had breast cancer, I’ve always been afraid of estrogen, and my endo told me about a study at Duke University on siblings and breast cancer. Since I go to Duke for my eyes, she told me to ask about it when I was there. I told her about this BB and how endos’ almost always get a bad rap. So, I told her that I would tell everyone WHAT A GREAT ENDO I HAVE!!

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