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      Needing bifocals at about the age of forty is considered relatively normal. My eye doctor warned me of this as I approached that age. But if you are having doubts — go to an ophthamologist!!! It might just set your mind at ease.

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        I’ve been finally reading up on my disease since my dosage went up to 0.525 mg of Synthroid. I experienced many symtons, such as depression & weight gain, and probably have also experienced some that I didn’t notice (such as personality changes). While reading info in newsgroups and this BB, questions regarding eye problems are mentioned. I noticed my prerscription worsening, even needing bi-focals. I attributed this to my progressing age (41). Is this disease also affecting my eyes?


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          My recommendation to anyone who has GD even if they don’t have eye problems
          would be to find an opthamologist who treats people with GD and be examined
          by them at least twice a year the rest of your life.

          If you have poor eyesight you have to be under someone’s care anyway so
          stick with someone who can cath this promptly and handle it.

          My eye problems started with worsening vision, need for bifocals. Maybe that was
          happening anyway, I don’t know. But when lights at night started getting
          as big as cars, words on books “jumped” all over the place and the images
          on TV wouldn’t stay where they were I knew something was wrong. By the
          time I got a dr. to confirm it, I definitely had double vision. I wish
          someone had told me the signs to watch for and was monitoring with me.
          It could have made a difference to be diagnosed more promptly

          The Graves Disease Foundation can give you the name of Opthamologists
          in your area who treat GD patients. You have nothing to lose by seeing

          Good luck

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