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      Renee: I dearly wish for an endo who has Grave’s Disease! Perhaps then we’d get some REAL answers instead of telling us (when they don’t know the answers) that it’s NOT Grave’s related! Duh……
      Many of the symptoms I’ve had since diagnosed in 1988 I attributed to something else – a bug bit me on the arm, that’s why it itches; I’m sleeping a lot cuz’ I did too much yesterday, etc. etc., now I know – it’s just living with the disease. Sure would be nice if when I tell my endo these things I’d get a response and some help. Know that I’m not alone in this feeling…..Thanks for your help on the salt thing.

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        Hi, everyone.

        I’m inquiring if anyone is taking cytomel along with synthroid. My last endo checkup, I insisted that although my tsh levels are perfect on paper, I still don’t feel 100% after being on Synthroid for one year.
        Metabolism slow and sluggish, weight gain (25 pounds in the last year), slow-healing cuts, lack of energy, constant vertigo, etc.

        My doc adjusted my meds from 1 MG synthroid to .075 synthroid and 25 mcg cytomel, which I guess is for your T3 levels, although my T3 levels are normal. He said some people swear they feel better so we’re trying it. Already lost 3 pounds.

        Anyone out there on this combination? Do you feel better? Anyone on just Synthroid and still don’t feel 100 % as before Graves’?

        Oh, my doc says all my symptoms are not Graves or thyroid related. After an MRI and other tests for MS, neurologist visit, nothing else wrong with me. Well, I know my body, and yes, it’s thyroid related!

        Thanks for your kind feedback!


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