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      Julie, no e-mailaddress, so I couldn’t write you directly. You are having many symptoms of being undermedicated. If “normal range” = 1-5 and you are a 1.3, yes, that is in normal range, but just barely. Your medication needs to be followed, and titrated accordingly. When it is right, and stays right, then you will BEGIN to begin to feel better. You have every right to request/assertively request %/or demand a referral to an endocrinologist. Try calling your personnel office, or wherever they handle such things, and get the whole list of them. Then call each one and ask the office manager “how many Graves’ patient does the docotr see each week/month?” Then, the one you want is the one that sees the most, beasue that doctor will be more aware of the variations within patients, and not be as likely to put you in a mold of a “typical Graves’ patient.” Good luck. Nancy

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