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      I took rai in november and now am on 125’s.
      does anyone know why I have delayed reflexes?
      What about painful joints? Are these symptoms from
      Grave’s or something else? Thanks

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        I’m no authority-but the joint pain I was experiencing was what led to me
        to decide to have RAI at the end of June. My endo said the joint
        pain can be part of Graves’ and I was having trouble walking due to
        pain in my knee and sacroiliac. It wasn’t constant, but had really
        reached a point of being unbearable. It seemed to have subsided, until a few
        days ago. I think I’ve become hyper again-probably the surge and dump
        I’ve read about here, and the pain was real severe again. I can’t quite
        tell if the joint pain is only when I’m hyper-haven’t worked out that pattern
        yet. But I sure am hoping to figure it out. Good luck and keep me
        posted as I will you-maybe sharing the info will help.

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          Haven’t had these symptoms as yet, but do recall that when I was hyper,
          the endo said my reflexes were “hyperactive”. Maybe yours have calmed down?
          Or, if too much maybe that’s indication of being too loow? Don’t know, but
          sounds like an interesting question for your doctor. Let us know what you learn.
          [I am only about 6 weeks post rai).

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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