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    My Endo did tell me that PMS plays a part, but I was hoping that as the thyroid levels returned to normal that it would cease to be a factor. I read an article that stated that
    during PMS “noradrenlaine” is stimulated that causes among other things anxiety and irritability. I would guess that being that are thyroid hormones are aggravating the
    adrenal glands anyway…we would get it worse. Still, you tend to have this hope that PTU is going to cure the anxiety, cure the heart rollercoaster. If it doesn’t, then
    what on earth will?? I got whammied with the insomnia thing AGAIN last night after actually getting a couple of nights sleep before. It seems that when you get
    your hopes up that things are starting to go right, they go awry. And gee, I don’t even have PMS yet!

    Karen, I always have postnasal drip and drove myself crazy the first weeks on PTU wondering if the sore throat I was
    getting was from one or the other. It turned out to be the post nasal drip…but I actually went to the doctor thinking I needed
    a blood cell count. I’ve never been a worry wart before, but that’s another “symptom” of this disease! I have seen doctors more in
    the last 4 months than I did through three childbirths and a lifetime!

    Bruce, I agree…sometimes it is just good “hours” to be thankful for, I’ve yet to have had an entirely good day since the
    nightmare began. How does one get used to life like this? I suppose there is no choice in the matter and “keeping a stiff
    upper lip” is the only way to keep a grip.


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