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      Glad you did well. I told you you would be able to do a heck of a terminator
      imatatiion. I’ll be back. I had my strabismus surgeries right after the terminator
      came out and I scared the water out of this little girl in the store one day
      when I took off my sunglasses and looked at her. She took off screaming that
      the terminator was after her. It was quite funny after her mom came by to see
      why I scared her little girl and I told her I just had eye surgery. The kid
      wouldn’t believe it.

      Nancy had her second orbital decompression yesterday and cheek implants put in.
      I have not heard from her yet but when I do I will post a message and let you know
      she is doing. Nancy is still off line and will be back with us in about a week
      I figure. Pat has fixed her computer and put a lightning speed modem in it.


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