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      My mother recently underwent an outpatient procedure to help her
      eyelid close over her eye. Weeks after the surgery she has
      constant tenderness and aching in the eye. She has no vision
      when looking up. Her eyelid will now not open to expose more tahn
      2/3 of the eye. Her eyelid is still very swollen.

      The doctor is recommending a second procedure, but she is
      wary that the situation may become worse. Has anyone out
      there had a similar procedure with such complications? We
      are not sure if this is normal and if there is risk that
      repeated procedures may cause excess scar tissue that will
      lead to permanent damage.

      Thank you.

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        I have had eye muscle surgery and eyelid surgery due to Graves’ disease. My eyelids took quite a while to go back to normal but the swelling is down and my eyelids lifted some after a while. It is hard to look up due to the swelling and the muscles being cut. Tell you mom to “hang in there” things get better. Watch for any infection and stay in touch with her ophthalmologist if things don’t start improving. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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