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      I have just found out for sure that I am hyperthyroid. It has gone on for almost 2 years without a doctors finally finding it. Now, it has gone for so long, I now have 2 weeks to decide on RAI or surgery. Any help I can get would be great. I see a surgeon on Tues. of next week. Please help>

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        Surgery would be (and was) my last choice. It sounds like you are being
        rushed into this. I’m surprised that a doctor didn’t give you the choice
        of antithyroid meds as well. But given the choice of the two I
        definately would go for the RAI unless there was some overriding
        condition or complication (pregnancy would be one). Being a guy I
        didn’t have that to worry about. :) Heck, I had the choice of all three
        and I still went with the RAI. Believe me, RAI was no big deal. The
        web sites with this BB can provide a lot of info about your treatment

        Take charge,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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