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      Hi, all! I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I just wanted you to know that I am rapidly recovering from surgery #5, a second lid retraction on my right eye, and am feeling like my old face is almost back! Although my eyelid is puffy, red, and droopy looking, it looks like it is going to “match” my left eye once again. The jury is still out. . .I’m holding my breath.

      My doctor at Mayo did the surgery right in his office after his other appointments. With only a local anesthetic in my eyelid, he scraped away on the inside of my lid and relaxed the muscle, allowing the lid to close more tightly and follow the normal up and down movements of the eye. The procedure lasted approximately twenty minutes and was relatively painless. (The shot is the worst for me!) Now I just have drops to use 4 times a day and ointment each night. This SHOULD be my last visit with the knife!

      Just had my TSH checked also, and I’m still a little low – just another adjustment to my Synthroid prescription.

      Life is stressful, but happy. I have noticed more of the “crabbies” coming on, but I think my school schedule is the culprit. I hate paperwork, and am feeling very behind!!

      I wish I had the time to personally respond to your messages. . . I’m glad to hear things are going better for you, Rachel. Good luck with returning to your job! Jake, sorry to hear about your eye troubles – I know how it feels and I wish you more comfortable days ahead! THANKS for all the time and caring you put into this BB! :) Joann, sorry to hear about your mother’s cancer diagnosis. I lost my father-in-law to a brain tumor last May, and realize even more how precious and wonderful the times are with my family. Wishing you happy days and memories ahead!

      Thinking of you all, Debby

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