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      It’s a very chilly -33 degrees here with the windchill factor, I have
      to go see my GP today, hate to go out in this cold! anyway it’s the
      flourescent lights thats worst then the cold!
      Why do people stare I wonder when you wear sunglasses in the doctors
      sooo bright waiting room!? worst of all when you stare back they can’t
      really tell because they can’t see your eye’s. :-)

      Have a good one,


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        Hi All,

        I go back to work tomorrow and I finally went out and got a pair of prescription sunglasses. I have been saying for the longest time that I was going to get a pair. I knew that I did not want to suffer riding in the car back and forth to work with all that sun glare bouncing off the snow.

        Like I told the girl when I was handing her over my eyeglass prescription and my insurance card, “I really don’t like sunglasses but I need them because I have Graves’ Eye Disease.” She was very supportive and even suggested that I get an earth color tint because they are better.

        Everything turned out great. I picked out the tint I wanted by going outside with the sample colors and sure enough the gray that they recommended the most was the one I prefered. They made the sunglasses in a few hours. The best part is when I tried on the sunglasses in the store at night and my eyes felt so good! They are not what I expected at all. I thought they would be dark, like being in a cave. My eyes actually felt so comforted! I even like wearing them indoors!

        I had told the girls about my eye lid surgery and about Graves’ Eye Disease. They seemed interested in my explanation of how it effects the eye lid eye muscles and how the doctor cut the muscle to allow the eye lids to come back down. So the last thing the girl said to me is that maybe since I have to wear sunglasses because of my eye problems and that I had eye surgery that maybe my insurance company might pay for more of my prescription sunglasses than what they did by me using the vision care discount. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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