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      I had RAI Feb 1992. When diagnosed I had gained weight alot of it . After RAI i lost alot of weight. My aunt told me that some it happens to that way. At any rate my levels have NEVER evened off but my fast metabolism which I always had has done a complete 180. 2 times in the last 2 years I have been put on meds that cause weight gain the first time I gained 45lb. in 6 wks. second time 20 in2wks. Absolutely cannot lose. Amon a very low fat diet and only 1000-1200 cal a day -no change. I try to exercise but have so many muscular problems and breaks from GD and accidents that I get nowhere. I was at PT today and my back had spasemd (SP?)
      . I thought I should put ice on it but they chose heat and then traction. I was much worse when I left could hardly walk. Plus theytreated me like I was being a hypochondriac. Don’t mean to rage on but I am sooo frutrated and depressed. My family needs for me to try and bring some money in but there is no way I can work right now and the GD seems to be getting worse and worse1 My family is sick of my physical problems so I really need This BB for support. thanx ahead of time for any advice. I also wonder if I should ask my Dr. for a diuretic??…Kendra

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