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    Hi, Sue!

    Oops! Sorry for being a doof! I musta misunderstood your post.
    Maybe I am the only specimen of my kind!? :) No one knows what
    their exact level should be on the TSH, so maybe middle is not
    where you’re supposed to be. Maybe you should try that endo.
    I’m in an HMO through my employer, so I don’t have much choice
    in doctors, but I do have another one in mind. He is the son
    of my endo, if you can imagine that. Makes him guilty by
    association as far as knowledge of thyroid disorders go, I think. :)
    I’m going to try and get permission from the HMO to just go
    talk to him before I do decide to switch for good. I’d like to
    find out his philosophy on treating GD, especially his views on
    replacement hormone. Even though my current doc really made me
    angry, he did give a good answer when I asked how he managed
    replacement by telling me that he doesn’t do it completely
    ‘by the numbers.’ Decisions, decisions…. I do agree with you
    too about this support group being great! In my Web travels I’m
    glad I chose this fork in the road and found this place. :)
    I hope everything works out for you.

    Sheila H.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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