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      Hi all. Just wanted to let those who remember me know that I had the second cataract removed last Friday and it was a piece of cake compared to the first one just two years ago. I can actually see out of both eyes now, and the doc thinks I may not even need glasses after everything settles down. It was my fourth eye surgery in less than four years. One more to go for the double vision and I should be good as new. At this point I don’t even care if I ever get the lids done. For those of you going through the eye problems, mine lasted four years and involved two radiation treatments (10 session each), two decompression surgeries, and two cataract surgeries. The cataracts were caused by the prolonged use of prednisone. After a total of six years fighting this disease I am feeling good and can see. My heart aches for those of you who are in the middle of this disease with the brain fog, and other nasty symptoms we endure with this. At my worst when I didn’t care if I died or not I may not have believed it would
      get better. I want you guys fighting daily for your sanity to know you just have to hang in there and it will get better – s l o w l y. Entire groups of people have moved through this board since I found it a couple of years ago. I wish it had been available during my dark times. Keep helping each other. Yes I am an oldtimer on the board, but sometimes I feel I can help someone who feels helpless and indeed still learn. This is an incredible source of support.

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