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      Pam, After reading this news group I’m sure it is frightening to find out you have GD. It is very important to weigh all your options and find out as much as you can. I hope I can make you feel better by telling you that the RAI made all the difference in the world to me. I went completely hypo afterwards and must take synthroid forever (it’s been about 2 1/2 years) BUT even on days that I’m “under the weather” I still NEVER come close to how miserable I was prior to my diagnosis. I haven’t had any real eye problems and any constant illnesses I suffered in the past have pretty much diappeared. And the real bonus is that I became myself again. I am more in tune with how I feel because now I know how I’m “supposed” to feel. For instance, for the last two months I’ve been more tired than I should be, a little down, and am having tingling and minor numbness on the bottom of my feet. While none of this is disabling, I will probably ask my doc to check my levels. Before, I would have ignored it and figured I was being a baby. Maybe that makes me a bit of a hypochondriac but I’d rather that than to let something that could be fixed go on. Hang in there. I’ll be praying for you. Do not let this disease take control of your life. You take control of the disease!! Julie B.

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        I was diagnosed yesterday, after lab results. I’m in denial. I refuse to have this disease.

        Right now, I have none of the vision problems. What sent me to the endocrinologist, was the swelling at the base of my neck. I have no organized thought process, I lost 25 pounds in a year, heat is a real problem, and my heart pounds. Will the vision problems eventually catch up with me, or is it possible to completely avoid them by prompt treatment? What if I refuse to take the scan next week? The doctor says that BETA-blockers will eliminate the symptoms. Can I live with only that medication?

        I will ask the doctor these questions tommorow, but in the meantime, I’d like to get some input from people who really have to deal with the disease, besides someone who learned it from a book. Basically, I don’t want any of the symptoms that come with treatment, and, frankly, today I would rather die than face any of this.

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          Hiya Pam! I went through the denial too. I told my husband and my
          mother that I didn’t have this disease. And that I would rather slit
          my wrists than live with it. I guess it gets easier, I’m a little
          better with it now. I still have my fits tho, kicking, screaming,
          basically a tantrum.
          All the symptoms you had are exactly how I was. I felt hot all the
          time, and my heart pounded. I didn’t have much weight loss, around
          10-12lbs. I found out that I had it when my neck swelled also. I was
          sent to an endo, given beta blockers and PTU. That was a month ago and
          already my doctor is weaning me off the beta blockers which I am
          thrilled about. I have to stay on the PTU for a year, then she’s taking
          me off them to see if I might go into remission! I really hope I do.
          I feel like an old lady taking all these meds. I get really depressed
          still though, I am gaining weight, my muscle tone is gone, and I just
          don’t have the energy I used to.
          Please keep in touch….

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            Thanks for responding to my e-mail. I am stable on the thyroid issue and my T4 and T3 levels and my hormones are stable. Now my big problem is the eye and double vision. Being taken off the steridds now due to they did not seem to help me and the side effects are wearing me out. Besides the racing heart beat, high blood pressure, and now sugar diabeties I am just fine. Oh yea! my cholestrol level is kind of high too.

            I recently finished the radiation treatments but to early to tell if doing any good and I get checked again in October by the specialist who is handling the radiation. If no change then quess eye surgery of some kind to help correct the vison problem. I am trying to hang in there but at times I just don’t know. Well, good chatting with ya and thanks for your input. I will keep you in my prayes and everyone else who is deaing with this disease. Take care and May God bless!


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              Would about a cup or two of seaweed be considered a large amount or a small amount of iodine?

              Any idea as to how quickly the effects might be noticed if there were going to be any?

              Any idea how long it takes for it to wear off if you’ve ingested enough to affect the thyroid function?

              Maybe I should just not worry about it.

              It was an accident, but it’s not like eating peanuts when you’re allergic to peanuts. In other words, I will probably be fine and should stop worrying about it.

              But I will be more careful when trying out new foods and new restaurants from now on!

              Thanks Bobbi!

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