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      Hi Everyone! I haven’t posted in quiet some time. For those people
      with eye problems. I would like to report that my eyes are still not
      bulging as much as they use to and my double vision is down to fuzzy
      now which is better as well. If anyone else out there has GD but has
      had no radiation on the eyes or any eye surgeries please e-mail me.
      I would like to know what kind of percentage I can expect my eyes to
      go down. Has anyone out there had their eyes go down to almost normal
      looking without all the surgeries everyone talks about? Is this
      possible? I agree with Bruce, I feel it better to wait things out at
      times. I think staying stress free as possible has helped my eyes or
      maybe it’s just time for them to get better. Since my Synthroid level
      is stable I have been loosing 1-2 lbs a week, with NO change in diet.
      I went for months and only gained. The more weight I lose the more my
      energy level increases. It is great to be feeling close to normal
      after so long. I will never take my health for granite again.

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