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      When I was first diagnosed with Graves’ Disease in June, what I
      thought I had was a stomach flu. I’d been feeling bad for months,
      but I thought that was explained by the fact that I’ve been living
      with a lot of stress this year–my husband was being considered
      for a bone marrow transplant for his leukemia early this year,
      but then the recurrence of what had seemed like an isolated
      melanoma meant that he needed treatment more urgently for that
      cancer. My “stomach flu” began with loss of appetite and mild
      nausea for about a week, and then progressed to fairly severe
      diarrhea. I saw someone at my HMO at the beginning of the diarrhea,
      but maybe I didn’t have very obvious thyroid symptoms. By the time
      the diarrhea (and occasional vomiting) had gone on for six days,
      I went back to my HMO to complain about still having this “flu”
      and they found that my heart rate was 200 with atrial fibrillation
      and I was severely dehydrated, so it didn’t take a lot of medical
      smarts for someone to pick up that my problem was more than
      “stomach flu.” (But I still had a hard time acknowledging I was
      sick, and kept saying, “I don’t need an ambulance, I drove here
      myself, and I can get myself to the hospital if you think it’s
      necessary. But really it’s my husband who’s sick, not me.”)

      One of the things they told me very forcefully was that the Graves
      can cause severe stomach symptoms, so if you have a “stomach flu”
      that lasts more than a few days, it really may be a thyroid thing.

      Living with a chronic illness that can cause weirdly varible
      symptoms is difficult, but it’s a problem I share with my husband
      (except his chronic illnesses are rather more likely to kill him).
      At one point he had a severe backache that led us to seek out
      better desk chairs, a better mattress, etc., only to discover that
      the “backache” was hugely enlarged abdominal lymph nodes from his
      lymphocytic leukemia; the “backache” went away after chemotherapy.
      But a few years later, there was another backache that really was
      only a backache. Either way, you have to investigate something
      that might turn out to be connected with the disease process.

      Dee, I wish you speedy recovery from whatever is causing your
      stomach problems. It’s so terrible feeling that way. I’m really
      enjoying food more after my several weeks on clear liquids.


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        Good Morning,
        has anyone had any stomach problems associated with t graves or is it just a plain old summer flu virus I have and cannot shake been since Monday and can’t hold down food? The positive side is you keep losing weight without even trying!


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          I go by the kids….my ten yr old had a headache terrible–crying even==rare and then threw up three or four times..lasted about three days….then he broke out in a sinus thing….snuffalophagus…..that is probably it…..or could be randum food poisoning…but that usually lasts a short while….

          one thing is AT LEAST YOU DONT HAVE A HANG NAIL—-HA HA

          I know no comment made us all want to vomit……

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            I have been hypo for the last several weeks, and have had problems with my stomach – sometimes I am nauseated, but mostly as little appetite as I have, I have major indigestion and/or heartburn for several hours after I eat. It feels like a lump of food in my stomack. Is this from the hypo stage? I sure feel terrible – having muscle pain and cramps also. my stomack feels like my muscles – not working! am getting very frustrated. Hope someone can help me with this.

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