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    Hi all, Boo! I’m having some good days lately. I was officially diag.
    w/GD yesterday. I’m waiting til Thanksgiving for the atomic cocktail.
    My symptoms haven’t gotten much worse (shaky, itchy, heart palpitations,
    shortness of breath and muscle fatigue.) I’m continuing with my life
    as normal, which is VERY busy. I work full time and most of my evenings
    are full with one group or another. So I seem to be surviving. Do you
    all think I caught it early, or do I have a light case, or what? Should
    I expect worse symptoms before my treatment? It’s likely no one knows,
    but y’all are the only ones I know who’ve gone through this. My mom’s a
    nurse, which is great but she’s very clinical. We’re gearing up for my
    sister’s HUGE        wedding in two weeks and I want to have a good time. Has
    anyone had problems with drinking alcohol? (moderately, of course.) I’ve
    been having slightly dry and itchy eyes (could be allergies) but after
    reading the BB I thought it would be good to see my opthmologist (i’m
    practically blind as it is.) They’re not sure they will give me the
    referral, after all, is there really anything wrong? Just that I’ve got
    Graves’, that’s all.
    Thanks for being there,
    going to see my shrink, glad I’ve got one,

    Post count: 93172

    Reading through everyones posting I am getting a better understanding of graves disease. I have some questions though. I quit taking my medicine a year ago to see if I would feel better and I did for a while. I take tapazole and hate the stomach aches. I am back on my medicine 2 weeks and have gained 5 pounds. I lost 43 pounds in 12 weeks last summer not taking any medicine and within 5 month all back on. My face and neck looked bloated, I have high blood pressure and take prinivil for it. I am very edgy with everyone and feel depressed. tHE littlest things make me nervous and easily upset. I am always tired. I chicken out on radiation cure dec 2000 due to small children at home and being a pediatric home care specialist. Any help on this would be appreciated are there others who feel the same way.

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