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      LOL, Jean! Great story! I can almost picture that levitation of yours!! Glad to see you back!


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        Well, its been over a month without PTU and so far so good. There are times
        tho when I start to think I’m getting hyper again (heart palpatations, that
        sort of think), but it may just be from the heat (it started hitting over
        a 100 degrees here this last weekend), I don’t have them when I’m in a place
        with airconditioning. My energy level is still going up (except when I’m
        in the heat, but nobodys energy is up either).

        My dear darling fuzzy children are bound and determined mom is going to get some
        exercise tho. They’ve taken to hunting mice and bringing them home. Most of
        the time the mice are still alive and kicking. Last night I discovered how much
        fun it is to levitate 2 feet of the floor from a prone position. Sammy cat
        brought one in and dropped it. Poor mouse was terrified and I tried to catch it.
        First it went between my knees. It ducked under a shelf and when I lay down to try and
        coax it into a cup, it ran straigt for me. Now I was wearing a low cut tank top and
        was lieing on my tummy. I suppose if I stayed where I was I could have caught the
        poor thing in my top, but at the last minute I tought about where he might bite if
        he got really frightened. So, at the last second I found myself levitating off the floor.
        I’m assuming the mouse is still alive (he was headed towards the kitchen last
        I saw him. Too much stuff to move to try and find him). I’ve currently named him Fred, but
        with 5 kitties in residence, I doubt I will be having a pet mouse for long. I should
        be thankful tho, the neighbors cat has been bringing home baby bunnies.

        Jean C

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