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      Your message and my misreading it still have me laughing. I was driving
      to work this morning and was going over the causeway and started to laugh.
      Thanks, I needed a good laugh.

      I had just came back from the ey doctor’s office. I woke up and was seeing
      a flashing light in my right eye. Kind of like a weak stobe light and it
      pulsed with my heart beat. Called my eye doctor in Miami and he said it sounded
      like a vitrious detattchment and to get to a local eye doctor to get it looked
      at. That is what it was. The retina pulled away from the gell (vitrious)fluid
      in my eye creating a bubble and it causes the flashing light and floaters we
      sometimes see.

      So I read the computer with dialated eyes and see “who is Jake” Oh well,
      If that is the only stupid thing I ever do I will be doing well. I liked Val’s
      suggestion for the Garth man as long as he brings along Shenia Twain with him.

      Keep guessing! All I will say is the person has Graves and it is not an Animal,
      Mineral or Vegatable.

      Live well, love much and Grandfather’s blessings


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