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      Hey Steve,
      That must have been pretty scarry. I remember when I was on
      heavy doses of prednisone and had some pain that went from
      my back to my chest to my neck then chin. The first time I was
      really scared. I sure thought it was the BIG one and was so
      dumb I didn’t do anything about it. (Just ’cause we don’t want people
      to think we are faking.) No body told me what long term preds could
      do-just that they were bad. You did the right thing to get it
      checked out.

      You must have the same endo I did, you know, the one with the
      empathy of a rock. Hang in there guy. We’re rooting for you.


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        Once again I’m shot down by my family. Katie our four year old daughter who was born prematurely 7 weeks early, got outside today and my son David went out and brought her back in. She was crying real hard but wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. We discovered an hour ago that she had a staple stuck in the bottom of her foot. She screamed and screamed as we removed it and her bottom of her foot is swollen. We have cleaning it with peroxide, but this all reminds me of my brother who almost died of blood poisoning years ago when he was helping my dad build a deck on the house and he stepped on a nail. He came so close to dying. We are short on money and Mike won’t take her to the ER to be seen about. I know what can happen and he won’t believe me. I worked in a hospital I know. If she dies I will too. I can’t live without my daughter. I’ve already lost one daughter I can’t lose Katie. Why doesn’t he believe me that a dirty staple being in her foot for over 5 hours is dangerous. I know when something is wrong with my kids and I’ve never been wrong before so why doesn’t he believe me???? Who cares if a check bounces? Since when is a money more important than my daughters life. He said he’ll take her to the doctor in the morning but that might be too late. What do I do??????
        Please pray for us that katie will be ok I need you all now more than ever. I’m making her sleep in our bed so we can keep an eye on her. Thank you all for the support you have given me this week but now I need even more support. Please pray for Katie.


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