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      Hi julie ,

      you are great,thank you.

      just woke up ,thanks for being there for me
      how low should my pulse be when i know there
      is something to cry about,and i’ve been waking
      up light headed and dizzy,those to i guess or
      beginning signs,get back tell me more just dont
      frighten me to much as you can see im a big wimp.

      thanks ,steve

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        happy birthday !

        i hope you are feeling better


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          When I went hypo, I was down to 36 bpm and was so cold I soaked in a hot
          tub most evenings and the middle of the night. You are not alone.
          Yeah, it can be the pits for 2-3 months while you are at the bottom
          of the hypo stage. -Julie

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            Well I don’t want to scare you but sometimes reality with Graves can be
            pretty frustrating. Advocating for yourself with your doctors can
            be tough. I probably drove my doctor batty. I was at 36 bpm for quite
            a while-two months or so. I begged for synthroid! My primary care
            physician was more responsive than the endo. Talk about good one liners-
            I went to the endo when I was at the bottom of being hypo and trying
            to geep the weight off by limiting calories to 800 per day and doing
            2 hrs of exercise. I was starved and told him I was so hungry I could eat
            the paper on his chart. He said that I could go down to 500 calories!
            What a sick puppy that guy was! Bedside manner of a rock! Hang in there!
            You might want to call in if you go down another 5 bps but this is
            just my motherly advise. Hang in there guy!

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              i cant belive how sleepy i am its 2:00pm im still in bed
              i haven’t been able to exercise all year havent gained
              weight , how do woman exercise with this disease,i dont
              understand.if i did 2 hours of exercise a day my heart would
              pop out of my chest and i would be not here. i try to shovel
              the snow out of my car and cant even manage that you guys
              are stronger than pulse is back to 100 now,
              dont understand.where you from? take care,thanks for being
              there for me .enjoy the day.

              your graves buddy-steve

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                This body temp you have is abnormally low. It is a good indicator of
                low thyroid. ALl the time I was hypothyroid, the consistent symptoms I
                had were hair loss )harder to tell in men, I imagine) and whether I was
                uncomfortably cold when the air around me was OK. Also, very sleepy all
                the time. Never had insomnia when I was hypo.
                Good luck on replacment therapy.

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                  Hi joan,

                  thanks for some answers, hair is ok i wear it short anyway so
                  that is no problem, sometimes i sleep, everyday is a different.
                  i sleep better now that im not hyper. how are you feeling?
                  thanks for being around.

                  love steve

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                    Dear Julie,
                    I read your message to Steve where you spoke of the doctor with the
                    rapier wit who told you to go to 500 calories. I have Graves and have
                    only gone hypo for short periods of time in the process of trying to get
                    my PTU dosageright. I don’t know what it’s like to experience the hunger
                    and weight gain (I am supposed to have a huge appetite but haven’t had
                    any at all and have seen my meagre muscles atrophy away).
                    However, I have read that when your caloric intake is too low you
                    won’t lose any weight because your body goes into famine-state. It
                    figures out that not much food is coming its way so it makes the most of
                    what it has by slowing the metabolism down. Since the hypo metabolism
                    is already slow, low calorie dieting might exascerbate the situation.
                    I’m no expert. But then, it appears that very few people are
                    (read: doctors).
                    These doctors drive me nuts. Mine is so dead-pan he must think
                    he’s Steven Wright.
                    I hope you can get your weight under control.


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                      500 calories , your body needs more than 500 calories i dont agree
                      with anyone who says that. Steve is no doctor, but your body needs


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