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      When they say you need to be “stable” for surgery, what does that mean? Numbers close to normal, numbers in normal range?

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        Hello – This would be a good question for a surgeon during a consult meeting, and perhaps others will chime in here with their experiences.

        Certainly it would be ideal for T3/T4 to be in the “normal” range, although docs might have to make an exception for TSH being in range, since that can remain suppressed for quite some time in Graves’ patients.

        And for patients who can’t stabilize on anti-thyroid drugs, there are additional steps (such as administration of beta blockers and potassium iodide) that can be taken if needed to reduce the risk of thyroid storm.

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          Thanks, Kimberley. I am making a surgical consult on Monday, but of course, I need answers now.

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            Ideally, your thyroid hormones will be in range (normal range). Hopefully your heart rate (resting) will be in normal range as well. My doctor said it had to be no higher than in the 80’s. If you’re close to 100, your surgeon will probably have you on a betablocker if the methimazole hasn’t gotten your heart rate down to normal. The heart rate (per my surgeon) is apparently the biggest concern. An out of control heart rate in surgery was my surgeon’s biggest concern (more so than my thyroid levels).

            My thyroid levels were normal at my surgery so I was not on ATD’s. My heart rate was around the 70’s- 80’s at the time, so I was not on betablockers. I did take the SSKI (potassium iodine) drops for 7 days before surgery to reduce the vascularity of my thyroid to make surgery easier- visibility for the surgeon. You do not want to take those drops more than 7-10 days though as they can “add fuel to the fire” as my endo. put it. They taste nasty and you’ll have metallic breath, taste, and poop (sorry!) for those days, but it’s not terrible. I just put it in some juice.

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              Thanks, Alexis.

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