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      Hi folks.

      My wife has Graves’. It actually saved her life
      because when it kicked up the thyroid,
      it showed she had a blockage in her heart
      (she began to experience heart pain). She had
      open heart surgery soon after. Drs said she would
      have simply dropped dead without warning.

      Now we are left with the aftereffects of
      the Graves’. She has had an increasing problem
      with the proptosis and is scheduled for
      an appointment with a Dr who does the orbital

      What I’m looking for is what to expect as a
      spouse who wants to be supportive. I love her
      deeply and she is afraid of this surgery. Does
      she have good reason? It would help if we knew the
      chances of a return to normal life and vision for
      her? How many surgeries will she have and how
      far apart will they be? How traumatic are they?
      The Drs all give you info, but Id rather talk to
      those who have been through it.



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