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      Hi all,

      I am fairly new to PTU, and will have my first checkup in about 2 weeks to see how I’m doing. I remembered the warnings if I had a sore throat to stop the PTU and get a blood test, and thinking, well, fine, I get sore throats fairly often, is there a difference in cause of this sore throat, or is any sore throat suspect. I spent a pretty sleepless night wondering if my sore throat was post nasal drip or a real sore throat. Since I’m “allergic” to needles, I was hoping for the post nasal drip. Dosed myself with a lot of vitamin C. Woke up fine and dandy. Why is it that the panic is hardest at night? Any comments on the how to tell if it is a sore throat problem welcome.

      Claudia, it gave me a great chuckle to hear the mom in law part of your Thanksgiving! If you want to be kind to her, you could remind her that a small amount of radiation is necessary and good for ones body. (There are studies to support this) I have not doubt that you will continue to do well. Cheers!


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