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      It beats all the rules of probability that both President and Mrs. Bush had Graves’ not to mention Milly the dog. One of my doctors said there is theory that a measles-like virus may activate a defective gene which then causes Graves’. Apparently there was a big splash about this in endocrinology land after all the Bush’s were diagnosed, followed by a ‘Year of the Thyroid’ Conference in which the issue was briefly explored. This issue quietly died once all the hoopla was over. My endo said there isn’t much money (grants) available to study the issue because, as he put it, ‘the thyroid isn’t very glamorous’. He also claimed that the rate of thyroid disease is increasing with each generation which he did not necessarily attribute to better screening and testing. One area in endo crinology that is being studied are endocrine disrupters and other environmental factors that may interfere in thyroid and other endocrine gland functions. Maybe one day the medical community will find the thyroid doesn’t have to be ‘glamorous’ to be studied in depth.

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        Hi everyone

        If pets do get Graves, then what is the cause? Stress? too much salt in food? Too little salt? or what? As for the Bush couple and their little dog, it does not make sense. In my case, I am the only one with the Graves problem in my family and in my parents’ families… Is something fishy going on?? Just a thought to digest.

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          I would tend to agree that “the thyroid isn’t very glamouous”, but when you think about how it affects your ENTIRE BEING, you would think that there would be more interest in the research area.

          I have a theory that unless the press gets involved, there is little action…let’s face it the press got involved when it was something happening with the President & his wife (Year of the Thyroid, etc.), but once it isn’t news anymore and the interest dies off.


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            i believe that an endocriologist would tell you that they dont make
            money on us thyroid patients and they truely believe that the treatment
            options are acceptable! even though it is not curable it is treatable
            to the point that they can get your numbers back in the normal range on
            paper which to them is the goal! and if you rant and rave or call the
            office to often and tell them how you feel they simply state that your
            numbers are normal so it must be something else… off to the library
            for more research, or to another endo , or to a psychologist we go,,,,,
            and they justify it by saying they did their job–our numbers are within normal range!
            If someone could personally talk to Barb Bush and say just between
            me tell me how do you really feel….i think you would be suprized…they
            had to cover it up and make light of it because they were in charge of
            running our country…and anyone with graves knows why we went to the gulf
            war! i had heard that Mrs bush just had surg to correct her double vision
            within the past year and she is just now starting to drive,,, Bush fell over
            in his soup in Japan and before ya know it after about four weeks he was playing
            tennis, golf, and jogging around….pretty good eh? SORRY SO LONG GEEEEE

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