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      First off I can’t believe I did the double post thing. I have two fingers that
      are twitching like mad and I can’t make them stop. Sorry I have been busy and
      not able to answer as many messages as I want to. I have been sending personal
      e-mails when I get a chance. Holidays are coming and my wife and son both
      have to have minor surgeries before Christmas (one week apart) and I am trying
      to get the tree up, shopping done, etc.etc..

      Joe, The libido thing is part of the disease. Other meds we take
      can make it worse. Go back into the previous postings and see my message about
      GD and marrage. As for RAI? Only you can decide what is best for you. I had the
      RAI and it worked OK for me. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. You will find
      a wealth of information on this site.

      Dave and others, Ground in prisms are the way to go! The press on lenses are
      a poor substitute for ground in prisms. They do help and as Joe (?) said they
      do take a bit of getting used to. Dave I have bifocals in my prisms and they
      do the trick for reading and computer. One tip! If you have health insurance
      taht pays for lenses ask for approval for a second set of lenses. They take about
      a week or two to come in and if you break one you are out of luck. My insurance
      let me get two sets.

      Debbie and I have had numerous eye surgeries and if you look at her home page
      you will see she looks good after surgeries. i will have my pics on Debbies eye
      page soon. I have my pics coming from my eye doc in Miami. They will show the
      progression of the disease and the dramatic effect of the surgeries to return
      my eyes to normal. Do not think of this as cosmetic. Surgery is needed in a
      number of people to relieve the dry eyes and protect the cornias. Your insurance
      should cover the surgeries for that reason. Do not delay.

      Joan, Thanks for your wisdom of 44 years of GD. Thanks for the others who have
      written in and had GD for a number of years and letting us know life still goes
      on and it can be good.

      Cures, There is no cure for GD!!! Alternative medicine is good for the sole for
      some folks but it should not be used instead of conventional medicine.. It can be
      used in conjunction with your meds. Please do not try to heal yourself. You may
      do more damage than good. We can manage our disease and as Bruce said we can even
      learn to love it (bit of a stretch there Bruce) but it will not go away.

      Nancy should be online this week and helping out again. I will do as much as I can
      with the time I have available. We have a guy out for six weeks so I am acting as
      the lead logistician (his work and mine too) and as I said impending surgeries on
      my wife and son. Time management will be of the essence this month. We have signed
      up Bruce as a support group leader, Joan is one as well. And Nancy is our director
      so between us we will keep the answers coming. Dianne N will be one to if she ever
      gets her paperwork in. (Jake prods Dianne in ribs to get in paperwork). So will
      talk to you all latter.

      on-line facilitator

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