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      hey , Jonathan

      it is a issue with some of us
      like i , but the percentage of
      people are doing very well after
      rai, good luck .


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        Hi, Jonathan!

        I had a successful RAI treatment in 1990. Within six weeks I was
        hypo and went on a thyroid replacement drug. It took awhile for
        my dosage to be regulated, as the RAI continues to work on the
        thyroid for months after treatment. Currently I’m on a dosage
        that I’ve maintained for well over two years now. You do not have
        to wait six months for bloodwork to be done. I go in for a TSH
        test every three months to get the levels checked and refill my
        prescription. I’ve had no side effects from the thyroxine and
        feel great. I hope your situation is equally as easy! :)

        Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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          After RAI in June of ’96,it took about 3 months to slowly get hypo. Had blood work once a month. At the end of Sept. I started on the replacement hormone once a day at a low dose.One month later I started taking 2 a day. Within 6 months I was put on my current dose of .088 once a day.It’s been 10 months on that dose. I have been feeling perfectly normal. I do miss being hyper enough to eat like a pig and stay thin. Some people get little warning signs when they need more or have too much of a dose. In my case, my nails get weird. I know when my nails start to get weird that I need a fine tuning with my dose.Get to know your body signals, if you have them. I get a check-up every 6 months now.But if I start to feel a significant change I know I need to have the levels checked.Best of luck….gwen

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            My doctor recommends RAI. Part of the reasoning is that
            there is no real loss from nuking your thyroid.
            Synthetic hormone replacement supposedly works almost
            perfectly. I am concerned that a daily dose adjusted
            yearly is not quite a perfect replacement for a working
            Thyroid. Doesn’t yearly adjustment mean that you
            could spend 6 months at the wrong level? Everytime I felt
            sluggish or shaky I would worry about it.

            Whats it really like? For those of you post-RAI, do you
            have chronic trouble with your levels, or is it really a
            non-issue as my doctor says?

            Thanks and good health

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