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      Greetings all,

      The number of posts are begining to overwhelm me!! I will try and
      answer as many as I can in a readers digest condensed version. It is
      not my favorite way but I want to get info out. So here goes.

      I am really pleased that we are getting differing views and treatment
      options on this BB. Graves is very misunderstood and those reading these
      posts can see the differing treatments and doctors opinions. When we deal
      with (God help me on spelling) Osteopaths, MDs, Holistic medics, endocrin-
      ologists ect.. each has their own idea of what is wrong. Each looks for
      answers in their field of study and expertise. I can only speak for me
      and we as a group must resepect each others opinions but, I must follow
      what my endocrinologist says. Now I am also very open to holistic approaches
      in conjunction with what my endo says. I am a good part native american
      and was raised following some of the old ways. Herbal remedies were around
      long before modern medicine (but people also died like no tommorrow from
      deiseses)and I think using both may be a good idea. Somewhere in between is
      the answer I am sure.

      As an Indian I believe I must follow the path that is my life. I must
      also make decisions on what path I want to follow and once the decision is
      made I must make the best of what lays ahead. It is how you deal with what
      lays ahead that makes you what you are. But I digress, sorry.

      I would not be in a hurry to jump into the atomic cocktail. I do think
      it is the best option but give the PTU and other drugs a try. Sometimes
      the disease does go into remission and that is worth hoping and trying for.

      I have found out from my eye surgion that the eye problems i.e. buggie
      eyes, burning, swelling, can show up, up to three years prior to the onset
      of thyroid levels that can be detected in blood tests. This may be the cause
      of some folks having the problems with the eyes and normal blood tests.

      Estrogin and Graves. Men! Guess what??? Some of you will get PMS. There
      is a corrolation between Graves and increased estrogine levels in men. I went
      through it on the PTU. My ankles swelled, one breast swelled and got all
      purple and I also had other classic PMS symptioms. My wife thought it was
      funny that she got a chance to show me what she went through. Guys, when a
      woman says her breasts are sore they are SORE. Trust me on this one.

      I talked to the pharmasist on Armour thyroid. It is a choice for you and
      your doctor to make. The synthetic drugs are stable and are the same lot after
      lot. The Armour thytoid comes from animals and the dosage can be different from
      dose to dose. Talk to your doctor and pharmasist.

      I will try to answer more latter and I hope to see you on the CHAT room
      tomorrow night. If I missed anyones questions tell me and I will try and
      answer them at a latter post.


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