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      Hi all,

      I’m a little upset today. I have been waiting for
      the optho to show up here ( visits 3 times a year )
      I thought it was strange that I hadn’t received a
      phone call from the hospital, because I was told he
      he would be here around the 10th of this month.
      I called the hospital today to see what the delay was
      and found out he was here, but had so many people
      on the list to see him he couldn’t fit them all in!
      Now he won’t be back until December ( they’re hoping )
      I was suppose to get tear duct plugs again because
      my former ones fell out and my eyes are hurting from
      the dry climate here. When I saw him before he actually
      said for some one with the eye disease I picked the worst
      place to live because of the climate and would be better
      off in a place like Miami. Wish I had that choice!!!
      Anyway, I needed to vent, so thanks for listening.
      Take care everyone.


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