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      Hello, everyone! I haven’t logged on for a while. But felt the need to come down here today.
      I started out getting diagnosed with GD and they put me on 300mg of ptu a day.
      My family was pretty worried about me then. I went in last week, because I was supposed to get
      my bloodwork done, but they took my pulse and immediately upped my dose to 400mg of ptu.
      On Saturday last week, I got a really bad fever and my face was drained of all color except for
      some red blotches around my eyes. Then I started shaking. I tried to just stay calm. And
      I tried to hide it from every one (We were watching a movie with my brother and his fiance and
      their friends.) My brother kept asking me if I was ok, and I said yes. But I felt so trapped!
      It’s like I was claustrophobic inside my own body. Now my neck hurts and I tried to
      get ahold of an endocrynologist, but they couldn’t fit me in until January.
      I’m going to keep the appointment unless I can find anyone sooner. I’m just really scared.
      My family doctor told me, after seeing my charts, that my case was probably too severe to be treated
      with the ptu that I would probably have to go in for the RAI. I just wish I could get it done4
      and overwith. I feel like I’m getting worse, but I can’t figure out where
      to go from here. Sorry to be rambling on. I always tell myself not to say too much
      but when I’m writing it I always say more. Thanks for reading this!

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