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      Aarghh! So annoyed with myself. I was supposed to have an appointmt. scheduled
      for 2 weeks post RAI – that’d be this Friday. Just realized today that
      the doc’s office is as dumb as I am with a calendar and I don’t have
      an apptmt. til 3 weeks after.
      Waiting to hear if the doctor will agree to squeeze me in. Meanwhile I will go do my blood test done today so I can find out that
      information at least this week.
      I am so frustrated with my brain!!!

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        I have recently been diagnosed with graves disease, and have been reading up on it, and i am really annoyed! I have been to my doctor with swollen feet, hot and sweaty, my blood pressure (for me) has been elevated, i have felt really lousy – its not until i go into a casualty thinking with the palpatations and rapid heart beat (140 for an hour) and thought i was going to die did someone do a blood test. – my gp was sent the results and didn’t even ring me – didn’t mention it until i went to him for a thyroid test ( sent by the cardiologist)
        From what I have read i would have thought he might have considered it months ago, then maybe my children wouldn’t have had to put up with my short fuse! Or perhaps because i take antidepressants he thought maybe i was over reacting. What is really annoying is that now he takes credit for diagnosing it
        Any way sorry for the anger – but i guess it needs to be vented somewhere – thanks for listening

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          That sounds so much like my story it is not even funny. But it’s nice to identify in a way :)

          My GP did order all the right tests, but then never called me back. Then when I called, I was told everything was “fine.” Now the office is pretending they recommended that I see an internist… not that I was told that until AFTER I contacted THEM.

          Bah. I think thyroid things scare lots of GPs. They don’t seem to handle it very well :P

          That was two years ago, and I’m still not done venting.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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