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      Boy it is a trade off of symtoms…..pms is def worse on lower dose…..
      irratability after one cup of coffee and i am starting to feel my medicine again an hour and a half after i take it…..
      Going for blood tests….just found out my dr now is a piramid dr with US health care and now after over seven yrs i have to go to a hosp to get my blood tests…..major pain…p.ay to park car we have a van it doesnt fit in garages……..go to out patient cashier..then sit in busy lab

      private lab—ran in took 5 minutes…had me on computer….i know i sound lazy but it matters to me……these insurances treat you like wellfare patients and we pay mega bucks……i still dont think i use what i pay in prmiums per year now that the kiddos dont get ear aches and everything under the sun……i dont run to the dr anymore and actually hate going….as long as i know what my levels are i am happy……

      I am going on record to say that i bet from the way i feel that my tsh is below 2 ….just from the pms, acheness, slight mind fog, etc…..oh by the way does anyone notice carpal tunnel or tendinitis when they are lower??
      Well we will see how good i am at interretting my blood tests from the way i feel….might as well make it into a little mind game, eh?

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        Hi em,
        Well we appear to be in the same boat. And yes my carpel tunnel and tendinitis play up when I’m low. My problem is that I don’t seem to be comfortable anymore within the limits of T4. Am awaiting T3 results to see if it’s me or the thyroid. Wishing you luck on your tests.

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          I was just about to question whether anybody had tendonitis while
          hypothyroid. My mother has been in terrible pain in both hips since they
          lowered her dosage from 3 grains to 1 grain. Finally diagnosed as
          tendonitis. No recovery happening. She keeps falling because she
          cannot put any weight on her right hip.
          Also just keeps sitting in her chair with no personality. My niece
          says she is in a constant daze. Just sitting there with her mouth
          hanging open.
          Based on two TSH tests and nothing else, he lowered her thyrolar dosage
          to 1/3 of what she has been taking for 54 years.
          We had to move her to my sister’s house because she could not stay alone
          any more.

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