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      Hi Mary. . .yes, the complaint of hypo symptoms with bloodwork “within normal limits” seems to be a frequent one. One factor to consider is how long she’s been on the same replacement dose, as it can take up to six months for the body to adjust. Another factor is what *part* of the “normal limits”, since being in the low side of that doesn’t seem to work for many people, from what I read.

      Some doctors prefer to keep the replacement dose on the low side, as there is evidence that OVER replacement contributes to osteoporosis. I haven’t been able to find out if that applies to replacement in the higher end of normal. Does anyone know? Bobbi? Nancy P.?

      Hopefully she can get her doctor to work with her and find a dose that is right for HER. If not, I hope she consult with other doctors who will consider doing that.

      Let us know how it goes for her!
      Dianne N

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        My sister was diagnosed with GD one year ago, and has literally gone through hell.. as I’m sure most of you know.. She does’nt have access to the WWW, so I am her liason..We live in different states..
        Question: she has symptoms of hypo, when her blood work results show within normal limits.. She know’s she’s not crazy, but feels like it sometimes… Anyone experience this? Her Endo does’nt give her much help. Just tells her it’s WNL(within normal limites).. That does’nt help her much.. I would be grateful for any help on this..
        Signed a concerned sister…

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