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      That is horrible that you’ve been trying to get a call back for two
      weeks!!! I sometimes think they need to suffer through this a bit
      to have the proper amount of compassion, obviously what they learn from
      their texts is not always enough. Keep calling!

      I’ve discovered that even though I’ve felt fine for weeks with the PTU,
      whenever I hit PMS week symptoms start up again. I kind of expect it
      now and at least being female I have some sort of explanation, can look on
      the calendar and KNOW why it’s happening. To just have it hit
      unexpectedly is worse than disconcerting, it is horrifying.

      Hang in there! I’ll be praying for you.

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        Thanks for understanding, cant sleep its 11:02am ,called my GP
        he will see me tomorrow.You know it makes me feel that i have a problem
        when they dont respond,like im a faker or something, like im crazy.
        well i guess thats why im crazy steve a.


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          Steve: It’s good that you had your ticker checked out. I hope you
          feel better. I enjoy your up attitude and joking type personality.
          You have put a smile on my face many times over the months reading
          this BB. Get better, I need a smile again! Margie

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            went to the emergency, last night, the same old pains in the heart trick
            doctors are trying to understand if its my hiatal hernia, which i got from
            being nervous, when i was hyper,or steve may be going through bad hypo
            time, or last but not least thyroid storm. woke up again at 6am this morning
            with same pain,might go for a ride back to the hospital later if i get bord.
            Can i go through storm with my pulse so low, and being hypo?

            Called my endo will see if he returns my calls today ,this is 2 weeks now.
            Waiting for him to return my calls.

            thanks for listening,thanks for being here for me.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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