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      The eye problems can come anytime, with or without thyroid problems, before or after.

      Having surgery tomorrow to straighten out my eyes after four years of double vision.

      Will be nice not to have to close one eye all the time!


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        Jake an others,
        I read the postings throught mid September-from the begining. Not easy
        with double vision and always having to close one eye every few words.
        Couldn’t find what I wanted. Never had double vision before even with being
        hypo and hyper-T. Can it come on AFTER getting nuked? I did the cocktail
        about 2 yrs ago. Now, does anyone know-
        are the prisms going to show? (Do I sound short tempered? I feel it.)

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          Thanks for your reply. You have downward gaze double vision, too. Was that
          your initial double vision? My original was primary gaze ddvv, then after
          surgery that was corrected but I was left with the downward gaze ddvv. I have
          had a couple attempts at prisms, but not successful. Can you give me more
          technical info on your prisms? Do they help you with reading, which is my main
          frustration? How long have you had them? Have you had any surgery? The main
          muscle affected by my Grave’s Disease is the inferior rectus; how about you?
          Thanks for replying!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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