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      Another thought… It made me wonder if it was my system fighting against synthetic medication?? Maybe it is why a lot of people have developed fbromyglia (sp) or lupus after taking thyroid replacements???

      Doctors need to be creative in helping us!!


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        Hi Belinda,
        I don’t know much about the hypo part, but I have a friend who has had Lupus & Fibromyglia for the past 2 years, and her Dr. finally did a thyroid blood test and discovered she is also hypo. She had not been on any synthetic thyroid or any thyroid medication at all, so I don’t know how the synthetic stuff could have caused hers. I do feel that somehow the thyroid itself is part of the cause of the other diseases, but not necessarily so the medications.
        Anyway, this puts another “tater in the stew” so to say.

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          Hi everyone

          Not being able to go back to previous postings, I cannot remember which of you who said who had similar experiences as mine. I am sure it was someone from Canada.

          It has been 6 weeks. I am full of pain in joints especially in my neck, spine, and arms. A week ago, I stopped Eltroxin for 3 days to find out if it was me or the medication. Guess what? I became more alert, less sleepy and joint pains slowly faded away… I did not tell my endo about my playing doctor, but will definitely report my findings to my family doctor. I have began to wonder if I was really hypo??? despite the high TSH levels? It was over 70.

          I went back on Eltroxin (levothyroxine) and I am back sleepy, pains all over again. It is NOT normal!! My hair is still intact!!! I am slowly feeling angry and desperate and at the mercy of my doctors who keep saying that I will be OK. I have a history of problems with medications. The only medications, Premarin and provera are cooperating with me…

          Cannot see my endo for at least 3 weeks.

          Could I have the email address for the Canadian organization so I can contact them for names of endos and family doctors in my area who prescribe natural thyroid or whatever???

          Thanks Belinda

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