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      I had this friend….about as close as any friend can be. We worked together…we played together…and I shared everything from my deepest feelings to my favorite clothes with her. When I had my first dose of radiation she greeted me at the door…and snuggled up to me as I tried to sleep that night. She let me cry on her shoulder and gave me unconditional love…no matter what my mood brought that day. When I was scared and lonely, she was always there for me…telling me that she loved me and was behind me all the way. It has been a long hard road (this disease) and I have made it with the help and support of my friend Tabitha (my pot-bellied pig). Her death seems so unreal to me…swift, harsh, without reason. For years and years she’s always been around…and I will always love her forever…this friend of mine.

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        Sorry to hear of your loss. Pets do indeed add so much to our lives. A
        while ago someone posted a message that their doc suggested a pet. The doc
        was being insensitive but the advice was sound. I cannot imagion life
        without our cat and two smooth collies ( I can get along without the snake)
        but the snake is growing one me. Pets always listen and never talk back.
        They understand moods. We got a call on New Years eve that dear old dad
        coded and probable wasn’t going to make it. Our two dogs climbed up in my
        lap and just laid there. It was very touching and comforting (if not for
        about 120 pounds of dogs on my lap). I am glad to say dad pulled through!
        They did a trach and put him in intensive care. When he came to he asked
        where his wife and children were. The next question is how is my dog. Goes
        to show pets are part of the family. Once again sorry for your loss Pam.
        My heart goes out to you.

        Best wishes,

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          My heart goes out to you. I was alone in Texas when I was diagnosed with GD.
          I had my cat Picasso to hold when I thought things were too bad to handle. I
          lost her as well. Funny, how pets with their unconditional love can make a
          real difference. Lets see….they never question your judgement (at least not
          out loud!) ….they cuddle reguardless of how you look :-) , troll hair and buggy
          eyes don’t matter to them….and when you are crabby, they don’t seem to mind.
          Much sympathy….Carolyn

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            Hi Pam! So now my keyboard is wet. So sorry to read about Tabitha’s death. Your message makes me once again appreciate the friendship and unconditional love from my German Shepherds, Lacey and Sonny Boy. They are both 10 years old and I know that some day we will have to face the same circumstances. Maybe sooner than we think. It’s been a stressful Christmas vacation for me because of the relentless MN snowstorms and Lacey’s illness. We’ve had her to her doggy doc twice now without positive results. Losing a pet is heart-wretching. Tomorrow will be a better day – for you and for Lacey too, I hope.

            Fellow Pet Lover, Debby

            P.S. Any new piglets in the future? :)

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              We can be very attached to our pets. Before i had the rai treatment i talked to two of my cats own vets and a vet at a local school of veternarian medicine. I didnt want to expose them to anything harmful and even considered bording them.
              Our pets are indeed a part of our families and their memories will live with us longer than their life times.

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