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      Propulsid – a few months but I’m really using it sporadically. I keep forgetting to take it 15 min. before meals. Prilosec-since last summer but the dose went from 20mg to 40mg at the same time as the Propulsid incr

      eased. Frankly I think everything was better when I was taking Zantac 2 times a day. My husband, on the other hand, who has had horrible stomach trouble for years now takes 20mg of Prilosec every day and is fine as long as doesn’t eat too fast, too much at one sitting or foods that he knows his tummy doesn’t like is fine. FYI up until a few months ago Prilosec was only supposed to be taken for a few months . But in the last year the medical THEY decided you could be on it indefinately. That’s why my husband is so much better. I really was happier on the Zantac but I’m trying to give the new regemin a fair chance. Good Luck.—-kendra

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