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      You’re so right. I’m very fortunate to have my husband who’s a god sent
      to me. He’s always been there very supportive.
      In additional to the Graves Disease I just recently found out my mother
      is terminally ill. She was just released from the hospital on Tuesday —
      she was admitted after being treated for nearly 2 months for chronic
      bronchitus. She had an “attack” of bells palsy which has mostly cleared
      up now.
      They thought she had had a stroke so they admitted her. Through all the
      testing we’ve found she has advanced stages of cancer. Prognosis is not
      Fortunately as I’ve said, my husband has been beside me all the way. And
      as needed behind me to pick me back up when need be.
      Does anyone know of a group such as this one I could contact? I need
      the support in that area too.
      Sorry for the rambling — guess I’m on sensory overload (smile).
      Thanks all for being there.

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