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      Help Anyone….I have thyroid surgery scheduled in 2 weeks. I would
      like to hear about your experience. I have been in treatment for Graves
      since January 21, 1995. I’m coming around the bend and don’t know what
      to expect. I am on 350mg PTU a day and am still hyper. I feel like
      I’ve been run over by a truck. I hope this is the right direction. It
      is hard to make educated decisions when your brain is in a fog!!! RAI
      is out of the question for me…..and I see most Graves patients follows that
      that path. Has anyone out there had the surgery? How did you do with
      it? Did you end up with the RAI anyway?

      Thanks for all your support…Holly

      PS: Lisa: I’m also from PA
      PS: Pam Detrois: I have an exchange student in Brehem, Germany

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        I had a thyroidectomy a year ago last November. Any medication I used would not regulate my thyroid and I was having some eye problems.
        I felt awful for 2 days after the surgery but then things improved.
        Two months later I developed double vision while at work. I was very upset to say the least. I had to wait 10 months to be sure there would be no changes and then had eye muscle surgery this past October. That surgery was 100% successful. I only take synthroid and feel realatively”normal”. I do not regret my decision. It was a rough path but worked for me.
        Good luck, Dot

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          What hospital are you having your operation?
          I had a thyroidectomy at Grandview hospital, Sellersville PA November 1994.
          It was successful for me.
          Good luck, Dot

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