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      Your doc said something about not being able to look up — I can’t look up very well. It hurts and is hard. I guess that can be one symptom with Graves, but I didn’t think everyone with eye problems necessarily had that problem. KarenG

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        Finally saw the opthomologist about the return of the double vision.
        The double vision came back since November’s prisms were ground in.
        They originally ground in 4-whatever the unit of measure is. This time
        they will use the glue on type and add 8 of what ever the unit is. (Says my
        eyes will accommodate for the balance of what I need-25 something or other.)
        Is my ignorance showing too badly? His first question was,
        “HAVE YOU EVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH YOUR THYROID?” That was an easy question.
        Says come back in 2-3 months. Said use drops for the gritty eyes. Will take
        a Humphry’s test-whatever that has to do with the price of eggs.

        Question for you lay experts:
        1) The doctor said he didn’t think it was Graves related because
        I could see “up.” Anyone have any details on this?
        (i.e., Why would Graves not allow you to look up?)
        2) Anyone have Graves eye disease and been able to look up?

        p.s. Thanks for the info you posted about the endocrinologist on line.
        Also I went skiing over the last 2 days. Fell a bit more than usual.
        Seeing seeing obstacles obstacles was was unique unique. Not gonna’
        let this keep me down-just don’t drive too close to me.

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          Hi Julie! When I was first diagnosed with Graves’ (1990) I couldn’t look up without double vision. That problem was dramatically minimized after RAI. After that, the only time I had trouble looking up was after decompression surgery – and rightfully so! My eye muscles are working great today!

          My two cents, Debby

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            I lost the ability to look up. What happens is the upper eye muscle that
            attaches to the upper eye lid swells due to muscle tearing and scaring. It
            is what gives us the suprised look and makes us lift our eye brows to lift
            the upper lid to see better. It does not mean it is not GD related because you
            can look up. It is just hte more common problem. I just got new ground in
            prisims yesterday. I have a 5 Deg Base out in the left eye and a 7 Deg base
            out in the right. It worked. Talked to you all soon


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              Glad everything is looking up, Jake. How’s your ticker?

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