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      What a great result, Glynis! Way to go!!!


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        I live far from the nearest Endo and my internist was not interested in referring me.
        I took matters in my own hands, found the e-mail of an Endo 1 1/2 hrs away, wrote my medical
        history and begged to be seen with no referral and no wait…since my internist was referring
        me to RAI. He responded immediately and saw me Tuesday! Found out he is always completely booked,
        now I know there are doctors out there who truly care! He concurred with the radiologist that I had
        already consulted that RAI was not imminent, in fact that things may turn out pretty good. He thought
        my dosage of PTU was too low and after the latest bloodwork returns will probably increase it. He
        also felt I might still truly have Postpartum Thyroiditis instead of Graves’ and be better within
        6 months. He checked me from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, more thoroughly than any doctor
        I have seen yet. Spent two hours with me! He also said the facial rash I had developed was not due to the PTU,
        but to the hormonal barrage of being postpartum, stopping nursing and intense stress combined.

        I guess I’m saying: Our health is important to us. If we need to take the bull by the horns to
        get the answers, compassion, etc. we need….we MUST do it! I was suffering for the last few months, improving
        but never enough to feel “well” and simply trusting that that was how it had to be.

        Had to share my good news! Glynis

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