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      Hi Rochelle: Just read your message, and I think I kinda know what you are going through, as both my daughters were diagnosed at an early age – One at 21(5 years ago) and the other, one month ago, at 23. My 23 year old, Kelley, is also taking a beta blocker and Tapazole to regulate her thyroid. We are also facing some serious decisions down the road, as the other daughter had the RAI, and has had three surgeries for protruding eyes. She is doing fine now, but I pray that the eye problems do not develop in Kelley.

      My doctor gave me the following “average” levels – I hope this are correct, but if anyone out there sees that these are wrong, please correct me.

      TSH – 402 – 4.20
      T3 – 25.0 – 35.0
      T4 – 4.5 – 12.0

      By the way, I was diagnosed last week with Hypothyroid – (Underactive) Now both my daughter and I will be seeing the Endo on the 20th.

      Sure does seem like there are a lot of folks out there with thyroid problems. Thank goodness for this support group.

      Take care, Margaret

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